Factors that Contribute to a Quality Timber Floor

With more than 18 years industry experience in timber flooring, I thought it would be a good idea to share some of my knowledge in floor installation, supply and other factors associated with the timber flooring industry in an interview. You can listen to the full interview (link provided at the bottom of this article).

Here’s a rundown of some of what I shared in the interview.

#1. PRODUCT: The main factor that contributes to a quality timber flooring

It’s important to remember that there are different quality of timber floors. There are three different grades – Select, standard and feature. Select being the A grade. STANDARD being the B grade and FEATURE being the C grade.

B. Where is it warehoused, stored, how does it get to your site, How it was carried into your home

#2. Timber flooring is a costly investment. There are a number of factors that you’ve got to think about before buying your solid timber. Since there are different timbers that look the same, make sure that you’re getting the right species of timber that you ordered.

RULE: Check the wrapping and the stickers at the end of the packs to verify you’re getting what you paid for. The sticker should be from the timber mill, not the timber supplier. You don’t want to pay for a high grade but then get the cheaper grade, so you also have to know more about these grades. You should buy from reputable timber mills, because some of the smaller mills don’t have the technology to produce the correct quality of timber.

#3. Big timber mills vs Smaller timber mills – the difference is in the technology

Bigger mills generally have high end technology to produce the best quality timber. You will find they stand by their quality with a guarantee. You can still choose smaller mills, however, check things such as their warranty, their grade, and if the timber has the right moisture content. The moisture content is very important because the timber could still grow in your home and may cause warping, cupping, bulges and pop up your walls. When this happens, you may need to rip them off and start over again.

#4. Supply, workmanship and finish – The three biggest factors when choosing a flooring company…

The main factors come down to where the supply comes from. Again, is it coming from a reputable timber mill? Also the tradesmen, your floor installers should be a tradesman. Not carpenters or a jack-of-all-trades. They should be specialized in timber flooring installation only. A good floor installer will go the extra mile and will ensure you get a nice finish.

#5. To BUDGET or to not budget? – There are other options

If you’re out on a budget and still want a timber flooring look, there are other options. Engineered timber flooring for one is a cheaper option. Engineered floating timber floor can give you a nice finish, and a real Australian hardwood floor look. Bamboo flooring is another option that comes in different colours. It gives you that timber look but without the cost of solid timber.

#6. Buy from a reputable company.

Consumers should be wary of the work-from-home outfits, it’s known in the industry to see some of these guys pop up and run when problems arise. Then change their mobile numbers and start again. Just be careful of these operators.

Tips for getting a reputable company:

- They should have a showroom and/or a warehouse facility

- Demonstrate basic trade references and trade knowledge

- Experience – how long have they’ve been doing flooring and floor installation? And how long have they been in business for?

- Check for any certificates or diplomas

These can ensure that you’re choosing the right flooring company with the knowledge that comes with timber flooring.

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