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Few things can ever compare to the durability and warmth that beautifully laid flooring brings. Choosing HeartWood floors will allow you to benefit from the delights that timber flooring offers.

Timber floors require little in the way of maintenance and can quickly add a lasting touch of real quality to any home.

A Natural Sustainable Resource

Most other floor coverings take a toll on nature. However timber flooring comes from a naturally sustainable source. The majority of wood used comes from carefully selected locations and thankfully the days of timber being cut down with little concern about Australian forests have long since passed.

Choosing one of our hygienic floors means less time will be spent on maintenance. They attract little in the way of dust, making it an easy process to keep them looking their best. Additionally, this can make them a great choice for allergy suffers.

Floating Timber Floors

Recent times have seen floating timber floors grow significantly in popularity. One of their main benefits is that they can be installed on top of existing flooring, helping to cut down on preparation costs.

The “floating” terminology describes the installation method used. Put simply, a floating timber floor doesn’t need to be glued or nailed to the sub-floor that it sits on. The only real requirement here is that the new floating floor is placed on a flat, solid surface.

This flooring method is often referred to as an engineered timber floor. Choosing this method allows the home owner to put their new floor to use immediately.

Why Choose HeartWood?

Few companies can provide the same levels of expertise and professionalism that Heartwood Floors can. We pride ourselves on understanding our customers’ needs, which allows us to deliver exceptional service levels.

Our delighted customers know that nothing is ever too much trouble when it comes to planning out a fantastic new floor.

To find out more about the HeartWood Floors difference, simply call us today on 02 9620 9699 and speak to one of our timber flooring Sydney specialists.





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