Direct Stick Solid Timber floors

Batten/Joist Solid Timber floors

Floating Timber floors

Floating Laminate floors

Bamboo Flooring

All the different systems have different features & benefits. Which one you choose will depend largely on the environment in which the floor will be laid and personal preferences.

With all timber floors the colour may change over time as it is a natural product as it matures it will change.

We recommend clear coatings for timber floors; we can tint or direct stain solid timber floors. Its best to choose a timber that is closest to the colour you desire.

Select grade timber has limited variations and natural characteristics, Standard grade timber has highlighted veins, spirals, insect trails and other natural variations which give the timber it’s unique appearance. Please refer to our gallery for further examples.

It is not ideal however it is possible, providing they are structurally sound and flat.

Yes, different gloss levels can be achieved by choosing from a variety of coatings such as Solvent Based Polyurethane, Water Based Polyurethane and Oil Based coatings.

Solid timber floors can be sanded numerous times. Floating timber floors can also be sanded but not as many times Resanding of any timber floor will depend on the condition of the floor.

No, however some coatings are harder wearing than others and provide better protection.

Our timber floors our covered by a 12 month installation workmanship warranty.

If you look after and maintain your timber floor the correct way you will never have to have it replaced. Floors coated with water-based polyurethane and solvent-based polyurethane are maintenance free for a period of time. Floors with oil-based coating require more frequent maintenance.

1. Protective padding placed under the contact points of furniture will avoid scratches and wood surface indentations.

2. A simple vacuum or dry mop will keep your timber flooring relatively cleaning and dust free. if you are dry mopping your floor please use a quality cleaning agent specially formulated for timber floors and recommend avoid applying waxed agents to non waxed floors.

3. It is also recommended that mats should be placed at entry points and runners or rugs to cover heavy traffic areas and eliminate harsh abrasions and scratches on your floor surface.

4. Wipe up any spills immediately.