Most other floor coverings take a toll on nature. However timber flooring comes from a naturally sustainable source. The majority of wood used comes from carefully selected locations and thankfully the days of timber being cut down with little concern about Australian forests have long since passed.

Choosing one of our hygienic floors means less time will be spent on maintenance. They attract little in the way of dust, making it an easy process to keep them looking their best. Additionally, this can make them a great choice for allergy suffers.

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Prestige Oak 190 x 15mm Parana

This is an engineered oak timber floor, installed as a floating method. This floor can be viewed at Fairmont Homes display home in Oran Park. Please note there is also a glued down option with this product

American Oak 200 x 21mm

This is the largest size width board we do as a secrete nailed floor. Enjoy the beauty of American oak flooring with loads of natural feature in this timber

180 x 21mm Grey Iron Bark select grade

This floor can be viewed at Morrison Homes display home, Kellyville Home world. This is a solid Hardwood timber floor, wide board flooring top nailed to plywood underlay, bolted to a concrete slab. Nothing beats a solid Hardwood timber floor

130 x 14mm select grade Spotted gum

This floor is a solid Hardwood floor, wide board flooring secrete nailed and trowel glued to plywood underlay, bolted down to a concrete slab. This floor comes in Raw timber, which is sanded and polished on site. By doing this you can choose the gloss level of your finished floor, either a Matt, satin or gloss finish.

180 x 21mm Prestige Grade Black Butt

Prestige grade is a mixture of select and standard grade timber flooring. By choosing this grade you will see natural beauty of timber flooring. The stair case is also Black Butt although with solid slabs of timber with an edge trim down the front face.

180 x 14mm Spotted gum, select and feature grade

This is a wide board secrete nailed timber floor to plywood underlay bolted to concrete slab. This is a grade we made up for this particular client, this grade is 80% select grade and 20% rustic grade. To give a little of the natural features in timber flooring. Being 180mm wide secrete nailed with huge open windows, a lot of consideration went into this timber floor