Timber Flooring Experts in the Hills District for Engineered and Solid Timber Floors

Beautifully laid wooden flooring undoubtably adds a unique warmth to a room or home. Let Heartwood Floors guide you in reaping the benefits that timber flooring brings.

Real timber flooring is very low maintenance and adds a beautiful and long lasting touch of quality and feel to any home or office in the Hills District of Sydney.

Wooden Flooring is Naturally Sustainable

A lot of home improvement products aren’t very green and use up valuable resources. The vast majority of our timber flooring comes from a naturally sustainable source. The wood comes from carefully selected locations that don’t harm Australia’s forests, luckily those days are long gone.

Timber Floors are Low Maintenance

Real wood flooring is hygienic and very hard wearing with little to no maintenance involved. They attract very little dust and keeping them at their best is pretty easy making them great for allergy sufferers.

Why Choose HeartWood as Your Timber Flooring Specialists?

We have a level of expertise that can’t be matched and our professionalism to a job in also unrivalled. We are passionate about the service we provide and enjoy helping our customers find the right products for their homes and offices.

Due to our vast experience within the industry this has given us a valuable insight into our customers needs allowing us to understand what is required for each and every project.

To find out more about the HeartWood Floors difference, simply call us today on 02 9620 9699 and speak to one of our timber flooring specialists in the Hills District.

What Heartwood Floors Do:
Floating & Engineered Timber Floors

“Floating” describes the installation method which doesn’t require any fixing. All that is required is a flat surface. It can also be laid on top of previous flooring and allows for better expansion and contraction. “Engineered” is another term for essentially the same thing but also denotes that the flooring is of a higher quality, usually of real wood and floating.