Floor Sanding & Polishing

Hardwood flooring is not only durable but capable of lasting for a century with care and maintenance. But even the most durable of species will suffer damage over time. From general foot traffic to furniture being moved, it is going to take its toll and the floor will suffer from scratches and indentations.

Re-sanding hardwood floors removes the thinnest top layer of wood from the surface, effectively giving your floor surface a fresh original appearance. Once your hardwood floor has been sanded and the bare wood is exposed it will be ready for a new coat of sealing and polishing.

Floor Polishing Sydney

After your floor re-sanding you are effectively restoring the timbers original look, so your floor is going to need a new stained colour coat. This is going to give a protective coat of polyurethane or a lightened lime wash to your floors.  Your timber floors should never be left in a raw state. Having your floors finished and polished is going to highlight its characteristics and leave an impressive look.

Dust When Sanding Floors

When sanding floors back to the original state it is going to produce a fair amount of sawdust.  Our specialised sanding equipment is designed to collect this dust so that it can be easily disposed, leaving very little residual dust on your floors.

Our flooring technicians are highly experienced and will treat your hardwood floors in the most professional way. We guarantee you both an excellent result and experience.